Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A post for those of you who feel nervous about dressing up for school-

I used to be really self conscious about what I wore to school. I never wanted to stand out from the crowd, and I feared that if I wore something too flashy or fancy people would think I was weird. In reality, no one thinks that way. I've started wearing what I want to wear, and I'm happier and more confident than ever when I walk down the hallways. Sure, I stand out, but I only ever get positive attention from it (and I've never gotten any negative attention to my face, so I'm going to chalk that down as never having gotten any negative attention at all).

If you are worried about transitioning to a more fancy type of style, start out slow and build your way up. But I guarantee, no one will judge you for expressing yourself. And if they do, they are not people you need to associate yourself with, because they are probably haters.

Happy styling!!

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